Author: Jeremy Deme

20 Mar Business II Pre-Teaser

Here’s the right way to start your Thursday. The dudes from Business having been working on Business II for the past while, and it’s hard to believe this is a pre teaser because there’s a ton of crazy shit throughout! Can’t wait to see the DVD!

“Over the passed few months on Instagram, we’ve been uploading a clip for each rider who’s shaping up a full section for our next DVD (out in 2015).

This isn’t exactly a trailer, more of a compilation of these Instagram clips; left over clips from the crazy amount of footage we’ve been stacking towards the film (plus some extra shots and crashes). We wanted to put out a web video to let you guys know we’ve been working on something awesome since 2012. Filmed by Ian Fleming and Byron Kutchera

To keep up on what’s going on, make sure to:
Like us
and follow us @businessbmx
and check out our website which we keep updated with OC from our awesome BMX scene in Halifax and all around the maritimes.”

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13 Mar Bob Got Bricks

Stoked to see the bys in Newf putting shit out throughout the dead of winter. In a province that gets some of the coldest and longest winters, these by’s sure do know how to make Newf winters look fun. FRSH.Ca is a rad new site that Paul Pike has put together, stoked to see what’s to come.

“16 year old Bob Osmond has some fun on the Turndown ramps and makes an attempt at getting a few street clips before getting kicked out of the only spot in the city that isn’t covered in snow.” – Paul Pike

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12 Mar La Cribs – Somewhere in Between

It’s crazy how sometimes you can spend more time with people who live only a few hours away from you, somewhere that is 24 hours away. Arnaud and Memiche of La Cribs set out from Terrebonne,QC and headed south to ride bikes for a month in warmer weather. It was awesome to meet up with them in Austin for a couple days and hear some of the crazy stories they had from their travels. There’s not many things better than a road trip! If you’re ever anywhere near Terrebonne, QC be sure to check out La Cribs shop and meet up with these two rad dudes!

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28 Feb Metro Jam 2005

It seemed fitting that this link would pop up on FB this morning (thanks Kean!). With the Toronto BMX Jam officially underway today, this is a reminder of how amazing the venue once was. From the worlds top pros to some of the best courses ever made, I think it’s fair to say that Metro Jam was once even bigger than what Simple Session is to BMX today.

Although this vid might seem long compared to most of today’s web edits, take 20 minutes out of your social media time and have a watch. You’ll notice a ton of different riders being creative in every aspect of the course, riding whatever and however they prefer to ride. You won’t see any circus monkeys, you’ll see a 14 year old Garrett Reynolds already killing it, you’ll see street guys, park guys, trail guys and most importantly you’ll see everyone having a damn good time. The amount of Canadian BMXers who made it out to this event from across the country amazed me every year, and it the event never disappointed. Canada’s BMX community needs a Canadian Simple Session, Texas Toast or old style Metro Jam!

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26 Feb Andy Roode Edit by Taylor Elvy

Taylor Elvy coming through with this dope edit of Andy Roode shredding Vancouver and surroundings during warmer times. As usual, Andy’s killin it in the streets. Hopefully this weather is only a couple months away for the rest of Canada. Thanks for hooking this up homies!

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22 Feb Wet Coast x West Coast Vacation by Kerr Bilsland


At the beginning of January, Dan Irwin, Mike Carroll and myself decided to get out of the shit storm that is a Canadian winter and head for a ten day road trip through Cali. It’s always been a dream on mine to be able to go to there and it couldn’t of been any better. From sleeping in the ghetto, to staying in BMX sanctuary’s out in the mountains the trip had it all. I brought along four disposables with me but I lost one in Portland and the other had to be sent away. The photo’s below are from one Black and white disposable and a colo disposable from Sacramento to Santa Cruz. We got off to a great start for 2014 and now I just want to get back back out there.
– Kerr Bilsland

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