Author: Jeremy Deme

16 Jul Joel Bondu 2014

This one is for all the park dawgs out there. Joel Bondu has come a long way from his fullface UAB stye days but he’s been shredding since day one. Hit play (and maybe mute on the music?) and watch Joel unleash a ton of tech stuff at Le Taz in Montreal.

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14 Jul Dillon Lloyd – Welcome to WTP Pro

Dillon Lloyd, not even sure what to say here but you already know this is amazing. Dill filmed nearly all of this edit in his hometown of Montreal with Vlad. Coming off a rough summer (nagging wrist unjury) last year, Dillon is back stronger than ever. Congrats Dill!

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10 Jul World Deece V3

“At long last, I proudly present to you, the 3rd instalment in the WDSR MXTP SAGA. Never have i had such a hard time uploading a video. between glitches, delays, editing problems, computer problems, CR issues and other non sense, I managed to finally get a version i was happy with onto ViMeO.
Featuring…. Kyle Sketsch, Nathan Hines, Drew Morton, Tyler McKinstry, Logan Mane, Thomas Arden, Rayden Wickop, Riley McMaster, Matt Desson, Zach Rampen, James Dean, Cory Lindhout, Mike Carroll, Quinn Nelson, Jacob Sparling, Jesse Hildebrandt, Clayton Ryerson, Brett Friedrich, Dylan Cross, Kai Powell, Jeff Jeglum, Zane Hudson and last but not least The Moffat Man.

Nathan (and a lot of other people) is probz gonna be pissed off about his song… but controversy is best publicity ^_^

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08 Jul Premium in MTL/ Camilo Lapointe-Nascimento Pics

A bunch of the Montreal shredders were saying that the Premium team was in town a couple weeks back and here’s proof.


Here are a couple rad photos that MTL photographer Camilo Lapointe-Nascimento shot during the trip. Click here for more pics that Camilo shot during their trip along with a bunch of other gems. Camilo has really been killing it behind the lens as of late.


Lastly, props to the tour guides in cities across Canada who never get the glory, but are a small part of what makes our country as awesome as it is.

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