Author: Ian Fleming

19 Mar Matt Comeau 5 Clips – Spin Skatepark

Matt and I intended on filming a full skatepark video between Joyride, Spin and Taz during the week after X-Jam. Instead, we ended up taking advantage of nice weather and riding street, then being lazy at the parks. At Spin we decided to buck up and get at least a nice little five clips done, and here’s the result.

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02 Mar StereoGIF Gallery 1

  • Adam jersey barrier dive
  • Joe setting up his flat rail in a local spot covered from the rain and snow
  • Ryan polejammin
  • Ryan cut to wall over the junk
  • Landing in the puddle post-polejam
  • Ryan dark stair double


A little while ago I was at Value Village and noticed a weird looking 35mm camera with four lenses in the display case. I didn’t know anything about it but it was only 15$ with a flash so picked it up. Turns out this style of camera was used in the 80s to create 3D photos by shooting 4 images simultaneously and sending them away to have them processed into a lenticular image. Obviously I didn’t get these lenticular images printed, but you’re able to scan them and assemble them into an animated GIF to give a similar effect. Here’s a little gallery of riding photos from my first couple rolls.

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17 Feb Jack Leonard DWOK

Oh man. DWOK master mind, Jack Leonard, just dropped this tight as hell video filmed by Mason Gray and edited by himself. Starts off with some awesome, Odyssey commercial inspired animations that Jack created of himself riding, then moves into a minute of fresh cruising in a timeless style. If you have a head on your shoulders you’ll hit that play. Great watch, will watch again, so will you.

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23 Jan Team Luxury: Jeremy Kappert

The Guelph connect Team Luxury just came through with this tight one of Jeremy Kappert. Lots of dope tech lines in true Guelph fashion with some gnarly one hitters in the mix. Filmed by the man himself Mat Stiehl.

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16 Jan Merrytimes: Second Priority vol. 1

Hell yes, you’re in luck. My son Andrew Phillips has been filming this joint with the Moncton gang all year in between stacking clips for our BUSINESS 2 DVD, hence the name Second Priority. However, don’t dare get it twisted… this pops off hard. Full sections from Andrew Phillips, Alexis Leger, and Matt Comeau. ALSO, theres an incredible @curbcuts section mixed in there which is my personal favourite part of the video… packed with undoubtedly some of the crispiest curb cut clips you’ll see all week.

Don’t sleep on this one, New Brunswick making east coast Canada proud.

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I still remember years ago when I first met Morgan MacNevin and Matt Ross. They took us to the skatepark in Summerside after a night of drinking. There was “DO IT FOR FAT BLAKE” spray painted along the side of one of the quarter pipes. They explained that there was once a young lad from PEI named Fat Blake who left the island to live the maritimer dream in Alberta… and when you’re trying that one bike stunt and can’t seem to land it, if you say “Do it for Fat Blake” you’ll land that shit next go.

Months later came dank “DO IT FOR FAT BLAKE” stickers… and now, the vid packed with VX1000 footage that Morgan has been filming for some time now.

Hit that play, too many awesome clips in this. Bikes, friends, beers. What it’s all about.

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03 Jan Weird & Revered: Cow Town Clippin’

Justin and the Weird & Revered fam set out for a chill weekend in Calgary and ended up making this tight little edit out of it. Love Thomas’ high speed manuals, particularly that rowdy nose bonk to manual down a kink ledge. Justins videos are always fresh as eff, so kick back with your coffee and peep this.

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30 Dec Business: Famvision 1

We’ve been working on a full length DVD for a while now. Every so often, some of the homies will decide to bless us by documenting certain days out filming. Here’s a bunch of behind the scenes clips from a handful of days/nights, some in Nova Scotia and some in Montreal. Filmed and edited on iPhones.

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17 Dec Citadel. BMX

I’m insanely stoked to present to you a project that Harrison Forward and Trent Connors has been working on for a while now. With stems and pegs being tested right now, and bigger runs going into production in the near future, Citadel is going to be a parts brand bumping straight outta the maritimes of Canada. Harrison and Trent have been grinding away every day working with experts to really get something awesome going, and it seems like things will be fully rolling out sometime early 2016.

For now, Harrison just dropped this awesome mixtape to tide you guys over… two and a half minutes of raw street out of Halifax N.S.

Hit that play, and stay informed by following @citadel.bmx, you won’t regret it.

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