Author: Ian Fleming

17 Feb Patrick Rhodenizer Summer 17

I met Pat last year and was immediately impressed by how much natural talent and style he had. Kid has crazy amounts of energy and is always a pleasure to cruise with. He lives quite a bit out in the sticks of Nova Scotia so makes due with what he can street wise, which in my opinion is treat to see. He just chopped some footage together from the Summer and there’s some zesty goofy footed goodness in here. Excited to see what the coming year holds for Patty boy (Get your ass to Halifax more often fool!).

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01 Dec Weird & Revered: Electrocoaster

Damn, check out some electrofluorescent inspired maneuvers by the coaster boaster himself. Justin has wanted to create an electronic feeling video for quite some time now and has collected riding footage as well as dank trippy light footage from Croatia, California, and Alberta. Peep it.

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28 Nov Citadel Coast Bar promo

My uncle Harrison and his father Trent have been working on designing some bars for their brand Citadel for quite some time. Shit’s finally dropped and it’s tight. Made in the USA and tough as hell, with that geo that will either make you wanna blast curb cuts or 180 bar over rails. Or maybe even do bump jumps to gap swan dives of death like Alexis does in this banging promo around the 20 second mark. Don’t sleep on these family, support real and cop the old school way by hitting up the boys at, or the new school way by sliding into the DM’s over at @citdael.bmx on insta.

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24 Oct Weird & Revered: Country Livin’

Justin and the Weird & Revered dudes have been dropping some dope stuff lately but this takes the cake for me. Schwanke and Colin Reimer ride some super tight minimalist woods setups in this Bush League inspired video. Can’t get over the first crash clip, gap to power box clips were out of control, and they ride an old rickety trailer probably 10 different ways. Reminds me of being 12, not even knowing what BMX was and piling plywood on top of homies bikes to make ramps. Loved this one.

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04 Jul Weird & Revered: The Thaw

Here’s a nice one from the Weird & Revered gang of some spicy cruising at an indoor park called Ride n’ Play, which just opened in Edmonton. You can always count on these guys keeping it creative and fresh so hit the play. Can-Can Ice pick was tight.

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25 Apr Weird & Revered: Fiending 4 Fun

Man this is awesome. Justin Schwanke and friends just dropped this incredible full length mixtape that they’ve been filming for a hot minute. Features riding from Cali, Washington, and the crews home of Alberta. So much incredible riding in this, and of course a Weird and Revered video wouldn’t be complete without the antics. Hit that play button and follow the gang on Instagram¬†and Facebook.

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01 Apr StereoGIF Gallery 2

Here’s the second instalment of some gallery I’m trying to put together filled with photos from my Nishika N8000, basically a 35mm camera made for shooting lenticular photos. This effect can be somewhat achieved simply by making gifs in photoshop.

These shots are mainly from a day riding street in Toronto after the X-Jam this year, along with a couple shots of early spring in Halifax.


  • Accidental double exposure which turned out neat
  • Asking for our contact info?
  • This guy thought we were going to make him and his corner store famous
  • Grown ass men putting stickers on bikes
  • Massive shout out to the guys at The Rise out of MTL for always giving us a place to crash and being a group of awesome humans.
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21 Mar Thomas More Joyride x Luxury video

The dude, Thomas, from the Team Luxury fam out of Guelph just dropped this tight video from a handful of days cruising the Joyride 150 street section, and it’s a definitely nice watch. I’ve always loved his style, line at 50 seconds is hella smooth.

Hit the team with a follow @weareteamluxury

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