Author: Eric Marshall

01 Sep 5 Clips With Lee Dennis

Here are 5 clips with the superstar Lee Dennis, and some guest ones of Le Luke, and Jake Montgomery. Lee’s been living the west coast life for the last little bit in Vancouver. Enjoy. Filmed by Eric Marshall, Luke Santucci and edited by Lee Dennis.

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20 Aug A Day in Cariboo County

When it comes time for quality guy stuff, you know you can count on manly man Lee Dennis to come through. He put this day edit together of Dillon Lloyd, Chris Henry, Jake Montgomery, Taylor Elvy, Greg Flag, and a mild appearance of Cory Beal for Cariboo Brewing. Hope you enjoy a little taste of Vanfuvers newest team riders.

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photo by Eric Marshall

If you’ve ever had the chance to meet Dan Cook, you probably know he’s a great guy with a very funny personality. Besides the obvious English banter, he always seems to get himself into very funny situations. I’ve know Dan for a few years now and I’ve always looked up to his photos. He’s one of the few BMX photographers that tries his best to approach BMX with a different feel. “Nothing thrills me more then going out, thinking about a photo angle, setting up many flashes and catching it at the right time” he says. Click below for a few photos Dan has taken and some Q&A. If you want see more of his work take a look at his flickr.

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21 Jul It’s Winnipeg

If you’ve been to Winnipeg, you know it’s one of the best cities to be in, all around. Besides the weather being way too hot in the summer, and the winters making you want to kill yourself, the city is packed full of spots, skateparks, bars, girls, and all around fun. A Winnipeg local, Carl Prettyman, always carries around his ‘Bantercam’ (a flipcam) and films us out and about. This video gives you an idea of the Winnipeg scene. If you ever have the chance to get to Winnipeg, take it. If you need some more convincing, make sure you check out Carl’s Vimeo for the rest of the Bantercam series.

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