Author: Aaron Gates

06 Jun Interview: Cary Lorenz

Carey Hastings


Photo: Shawn Duffield

Cary Lorenz is a Leduc, AB local who has traveled through time from Austin, Texas circa 1999 to grace us with classic tabletops and the spirit of camaraderie that made that era great. Cary has spent the last year balancing life in Alberta holding down a real job with wandering around the west coast riding the best bowls he could get his tires on. Whatever trends go in and out in BMX, there will always be guys like Cary doing the things that have looked good since the ’70s.

Were you born 10 years too late?

Comical question. In the BMX world I feel that way, yes. I simply just started riding super young, following what was going on in the industry, and looking up to guys at that time. A lot of the people I hung around had probably 5 years minimum on me, that has a lot to do with why you’re asking me this question. The way I ride, and my attitude towards riding is pretty much the same as when I was a child. The basic thrill and enjoyment, and everything else that comes with BMX. I’ve definitely said to myself before, “damn I wish I was my age now, back then”.

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Train Trip from joe rich on Vimeo.

This video is still too good. Except watching it just makes me want to drop everything and fuck off, and hit the road.

Why the T1 allegiance?

Terrible One has always been a solid company or “following” if you will. When i first started riding, it was the first brand I’d ever heard of and as I got older, I realized that their exactly what I look for in BMX. Good times, core reason for keeping it alive, over all a more authentic approach to riding. I guess I didn’t know any different, but it worked out in the end, saying that they’re still what I seek in BMX.

Who were the older guys around your scene? What were the main things that they passed down to you?

In my home town Leduc, Alberta there were a few guys riding at the time. Two gentlemen who I thank a lot, mainly because if it weren’t for them i probably wouldn’t be typing at this moment, but Aaron Clarke, and Taylor Marleau. Tons of motivation from those guys. After i started seeing other riders like Luke Santucci, Jaumell Campell, Ren Verbeem, and ….. fuck, everyone who basically rode the local indoor skatepark. The only thing i can remember being passed down was clapping when somebody did something cool.

Were you around for the Thorsby indoor?

Thorsby almost isn’t even worth talking about because it has so much nostalgia. Words cannot describe that place, most of the people who rode there would agree. But basically that’s where I learned most of my bike control and transition skills, quarter pipes, hips, vert walls etc.

Carey Parkgate 2


Photo: Dave Scott

Where did you go this summer?

This summer I had the chance to actually go to Vancouver B.C. for more than a week. I’ve been going there since about 2010 now, it’s usually a short vacation. Back in January, I had an itch to go somewhere for at least 2 months, a bunch of my friends were traveling around the world at the time, and I thought it was time for me to do something. An overseas trip was in mind, but Vancouver struck me as realistic and perfect for the BMX lifestyle. Plus I’ve always wanted to live there since I was younger. So a BMX trip, in my own country (free healthcare) sounded good. Set date to quit my job was in place, and it happened.

After my few months were up, I was really stoked on the outcome. Met tons of people I’ve heard of over the years, and got to know the people I already knew a bit more. Rode a bunch, didn’t learn anything. I sort of set out to become more familiar with the city and its surroundings as well, that was a success. Got to go down to the States as well, for the No Bikes trip. Real fun time with those dudes, again met more people and rode a bunch. Looking forward to next years trip!

What was the best thing about Vancouver that you would only get to experience from going there for a longer period of time?

Honestly, a more diverse group of people. Its nice to have a totally different social circle, and actually getting to know them, inside and outside of BMX, by the that I mean people who ride BMX or just another new face. When it does come to riding though, it seems like the whole community has a get up and go kind of attitude, I mean there are a few slugs, but that just makes for productive hang time in my opinion.

Best bowl in the Vancouver area?

Tie, Parkgate in North Vancouver, and Hastings, in East Vancouver.

Carey Parkgate


Photo: Dave Scott

Best bowl you rode on your trip outside of Vancouver?

Bingen, Oregon? or Washington? Can’t remember which state. I know its near the border of the 2 states.

Was it easy to transition back to normal life after living the dream?

Definitely, I was looking forward to working again. The company I left to go on my trip was awesome to work for, I hated resigning from that place. Good benefits, opportunity to grow and learn, great co-workers and of course good pay. So when I got back, I ended up getting hired back on with them, same company but a different line of oilfield work, more knowledge which got me excited. It was nice to see all my home friends too.

Any shoutouts?

Family and friends. Simple as that.

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26 Dec No Bikes Summer Mixtape

My 2014 featured three major trips.

Matt Desson and the BK crew brought the Cayford Jam back to Kelowna this year for the 10 year anniversary of Chris’ passing. The weekend featured lots of swimming, camping and riding along with everyone’s annual trip to the Winfield Skatepark. Big thanks to Macneil, 1664 and Outbound Cycle for pitching in prizes for the jam and Cyclepath Kelowna for feeding everyone.

On July 4th weekend, 20 of us packed into a few vehicles and headed to Eastern Oregon. This part of Oregon has a few of the unique park designs that you get when the most progressive NW skatepark builders are coupled with small towns that don’t know anything about skateparks. It also has fireworks and professional bull riding. Tony Archibeque Jr. came along for this trip and shot most of the killer footage in this section.

Last up, I made my first trip back to Alaska in five years. Alaska is a special place with a great crew of riders. We managed a pretty good session on one of the state’s best gatherings of random old ramps and fired up the grill for an afternoon.

Next summer is right around the corner. I hope this edit encourages a few of you to get out and explore off the beaten path.

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19 Nov Andrew Lazaruk Washington Concrete

Lazer Euro Beacon Hill

Andrew Lazaruk passed through Seattle this weekend on his annual journey to California. We took some time to finish up filming for an Embassy edit that’s been coming together for a while. We also went to Beacon Hill Skatepark and shot the photo that everyone takes there.

Lazer Tireslide Milton

Milton Skatepark is covered in pool coping and different variations of “no bikes” tags. One of the things I like about Washington parks is that the builders were never afraid to build unconventional and challenging setups – Milton is like that. The walls are steep and the park has many different transitions. Not all of the lines work, but figuring out how to ride the park is challenging and fun. This tire slide was in a particularly difficult spot, but Andrew is pretty good at figuring out lines.

Lazer 3x Judkins

Seattle skatepark builders are often guilty of building bmx parks. This step up hip out of the bowl at Judkins is a prime example. Here Lazer finishes off a sunny evening with a 360 x-up.

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21 Jul No Bikes 2014 – Eastern Oregon

group shot_resized
[Back]: Matt Desson, Aaron Gates, Donald (Dab King) Delp, Cary Lorenz, Delia Millsap, Tony Archibeque Jr., Slade Scherer, Jack Nicholl, Colin Fried, Jordan Thaden, Andy McGrath, Dave Butler, Carl (Pizza King) Arnett, Ty Scott, Tommy Joseph, Mat Ridgeway, [Front]: David Clay, Tony Piff.

Each year, my friends and I pack up a few vehicles and go explore a new part of America. This year, we packed two trucks, two cars and a minivan with 20 people and 19 bikes. The destination was Eastern Oregon, the fourth of July, and the heart of America.

Words – Aaron Gates. Photos – Tony Archibeque Jr. (unless otherwise noted)


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26 Jun Interview: Dave Butler

Oregon Coast
Photo: Caleb Ruecker

Interview by Aaron Gates

Dave Butler has seen a lot of BMX in his day. At 35, he has more energy and enthusiasm for riding than kids half his age. Dave grew up as part of a quietly thriving Williams Lake scene that included Travis Fontaine and Chad Baba (a local legend to all who saw him ride back then). These days, he bounces back and forth between the Vancouver and Whistler scenes. He’s still exploring, riding new places and learning new tricks at an age when most people have hung the bike up for good.


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17 May Canadian Music: Baptists

BAPTISTS hail from Vancouver and play a crushing brand of hardcore that has them headed to the upper echelon of the genre – there’s a lot about the band to get excited about. After landing a deal with iconic metal label Southern Lord on the strength of a few songs released online, Baptists released Bushcraft (listen here) and hit the ground running.

Like most heavy bands, the proof is in the live show. Most of their press is riddled with Converge comparisons and references to Dave Grohl being stoked on their drummer but to really get a feel for them, check out the KEXP session above or their Rain City session from a while back.

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