No Bikes – Alaska

04 May No Bikes – Alaska

Alaska was a dream trip that was a decade in the making. Since we started doing No Bikes trips in 2009, the general theme has been to go to interesting places, often out of the way, to ride cool stuff. Although Alaska was always bound to meet the first two criteria, the third is an open question to most people. I know that there is a lot to ride in AK, but others have found that idea to be somewhat unbelievable. After ten years of evolving crews and memorable trips to Washington (twice), Oregon (three times), Montana (twice), Utah, and BC (twice), six of my favorite people came to visit my favorite place. The above video contains nine minutes of highlights from the summer of 2019. Read on for some photos to preview a ‘zine that will come out later this year (for those who like hard copies, and want to know more about Alaska and this trip).

No Bikes Crew 2019: Tony Piff, Slade Scherer, Aaron Gates, Kostya Chimkovitch, Dan Shea, Mat Ridgeway, Cary Lorenz

Plus guest appearances from David Clay, Drew Hosselton, Colby Knowler, Grant Arend, Jeremiah Voight and his ramp, Ari Kaiser, and Duke Hardcastle)