Video Round Up (2021.1)

06 Apr Video Round Up (2021.1)

In a world of 15-second Instagram clips and constant social media churn, here’s a silver platter of Canadian BMX videos from recent months. This is the Northern Embassy’s Video Round Up.

Fresh[ish] films:

I call Brodie Gwilliam a friend, but it’s no secret I’m his biggest fan.

The people’s champ, Andrew Phillips. We’ve got some exclusive Eye Contact content (that’s a mouthful) coming soon to the Northern Embassy. Stay tuned.

From Dustin Cyganik himself: Slayers Paradise was a daydream I turned into reality. The work involved in this seemed endless. I built up everything myself and mostly self-filmed everything with no one around. I pushed myself to the limits of what has been done on a ski bike and I am proud of what I accomplished. The riding in the video is dedicated to the founder of Drifter Snowbikes and my hero Drifter Dave. And all the hard work involved is dedicated to my Dad, Jan Cyganik.

Mike Gray from the high definition lens of NE’s very own, Joel Fortin.

Chijioke Okafo from the standard definition lens of NE’s very own, Joel Fortin. Did you peep Chijioke’s “Catching Up” interview piece yet? If not, get on it.

Calgary young gun #1.

Calgary young gun #2.

Calgary young gun #3.

More Calgary (kind of). Nick Halisheff gets around.

Is Mark Stanway Edmonton’s most ambitious park rider? Probably. Also, shout outs to House of Wheels.¬†Good people doing good things for the Edmonton scene. Support your local indoor.

“All in.” I’d say those two words sum up Drew Bezanson well. Ironically, they’re also the name of this skatepark. Support your local indoor.

Y’all already know this is full of hammers.

Toronto’s OG street magician, Chris Silva. The thumbnail should be reason enough for you to watch this.

Edmontonian boys and men in dah st[reets].

Brakes, gyro, pegs, and Props rock.

Thankfully, the planet’s still turning and Corey’s still roasting transitions.

I haven’t met these dudes, but I get the sense they’re BFFs.

Loose cannon. Yup. Look out for something special from Lynden coming to NE in the not so distant future.

Winnipeg young gun #1.

Winnipeg young gun #2.

A smorgasbord of Winnipeg riders.

From the Canadian BMX video vault:

Rawwwww streeeeeeeet power. Eli Taylor from 2015.

Your favorite Canadian street rider’s favorite Canadian street rider. Also, arguably Canada’s all-time favorite BMX rider. Jordan Hango from 2017.

Miscellaneous “educate your dome” and “hit you in the feels” content:

Creative inspiration for the dreamer in everyone. BMX cameos included.

No words from me will do this justice. Just listen.

Educate your dome, but please don’t puncture this one.

Essential viewing for humanity. Find this film in full on Netflix.


If you have a video you’d like featured in our next Video Round Up, send it to us via our submissions form.¬†