Weird & Revered – Wagons West

10 Apr Weird & Revered – Wagons West

Our dude Justin Schwanke and the Weird & Revered squad are putting out these awesome weekly promo vids until their full-length video drops on May 11th.
They’ve been hard at work for the last 3 years travelling all over the place for this, so I can’t wait to see the final product!

Via DIGBMX –  “For the past three years, Canada’s Weird & Revered crew has been working on a DVD entitled, “Vagabond Squad.” To promote their upcoming full-length project, the boys will be dropping weekly web videos every Wednesday leading up to their May 11 premiere in Edmonton, Alberta. All premiere and download/DVD release info can be found at

“Wagons West” is the first of their web videos which documents a summer road trip through Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and Alberta.”

FILMING: Thomas Henderson, Justin Schwanke, Kostya Chimkovitch, and Slade Scherer

EDITING: Justin Schwanke