Greg Henry – 9 to 5

Greg Henry has been a part of the Canadian BMX scene for well over a decade now. As an OG BMXFU member, an awesome biker and all around bad ass dude with pretty much the best attitude ever, we hit him up for our second 9-5 installment.

What is your 9-5?

I work as a residential plumber / gas fitter. I can’t really describe what my regular day is like because it varies so much.

What made you decide on that trade and what kind of schooling/ knowledge did you have to do for it?

I spent a lot of time before construction working in kitchens. I loved it, but realized the hours and the life style didn’t work well with also trying to be a productive biker. I realized construction trades would be something I could do, make decent money and still have time to ride kids bikes. Plumbing is a five year apprenticeship.

Was there ever a time that you weren’t working or studying, only riding?

No, I’ve have always worked full time or been in school full time.

Does your work schedule give you a good amount of biking time?

That’s the best part of my job. I work 8-430 mon-fri. Most my BMXFU brothers have a similar work schedule so we always get a few mid week sessions in after work. During the summer we try to get out of town to ride street somewhere different each weekend. And as far as work and going on trips goes. As long as I give reasonable amount of notice I’m always good to go.


Do you view having a job/career throughout being a sponsored rider as a positive or negative?

That’s a weird question because I never considered not working as an option. Even though I’ve been riding for a long time I was never really natural good at the beginning. I just gave’r really hard. I didn’t get my first real sponsor until I was I think 21. Past the days of day dreaming about being a “pro bmxer”. I genuinely still really love riding and I always have. I’d be doing all the same shit if I never got hooked up. I don’t think work has ever held me back as far as riding goes. If anything it makes you value your free time. If I didn’t have to work I’d probably just send it and get hurt a lot.

What is a typical day in the life in your work?

25% coffee 10% BMXFU group chat 25% talking about work 40% work

What’s the best BMX trip you’ve ever been on?

Way to hard of a question. Any BMXFU trip.


What advice would you give younger riders who aspire to be sponsored?

If your riding right now only because you want to get sponsored you should probably quit. If you ride because you love the act of riding and the places you go and the people you meet through riding. Keep doing it. Ride as much as you can. You’ll probably get good. Maybe someone will give you a free bike and pay check for a few years. Maybe they won’t. But it’s ok! Because you can get a job so you can get what ever bike you want, go on what ever trips you want and enjoy your life and be thankful you got to be part of the coolest subculture / hobby ever. BMX

Thanks/ shoutouts?

Merritt, MacNeil, BMXFU, Repset, parents, girlfriend

What’s in the plans for 2016?

Work hard, play hard. Also trying to get sponsored by faxe and Meet Justin Trudeau

Photos by Trent Barker

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