No Bikes 2015: 35MM Gallery by Cary Lorenz


Each year, I’ll map out a course of skateparks that I want to ride in a new part of America and invite a few carloads of friends that I’ve met over the past two decades of riding bmx. As many of us get older, these trips are a way to remind ourselves of simpler times when we didn’t have jobs, kids, or significant others. To be clear, adulthood is great and I think there are amazing benefits to all of those things, but every once in a while it’s therapeutic to be able to set the every day heavy lifting aside and hit the road with the only concerns being where to camp and how long we’ll last at a bunch of epic concrete giants before security, darkness or exhaustion forces us to move on.

Cary Lorenz brought a 35MM camera and captured this adventure perfectly (on film!). We’ll be posting more photos and an edit from our trip through Idaho and Utah in the days to come.

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