NE Exclusive: IMPORTED bmx Crew vol.1 – Vlad Poloukhine

Vlad Poloukhine and the Imported squad have been holding it down in Montreal for many years now, we couldn’t be happier to host their mixtape which Vlad and crew have been working on for several years now. Read on for more info on the project from Vlad himself.

When did the mixtape project begin?
We started filming right after I got my Panasonic hmc camera, I’d say 3 years ago.

Did you have a vision of what you wanted to do or just wanted to film for something bigger than a typical web edit?
In the beginning this was suppose to be a full dvd with different parts but with time the project got abandoned, so i took the best clips out of the whole thing and put it in one mixtape.

When and what is imported? Do you feel all the Imported homies got clips in this?
Imported bmx is a crew of friends riding bikes and having good times. We film videos and trying to make bmx scene bigger in our hometown Montreal. All imported homies got their clips in it. We started about 5 years ago.

Do you think there will be a taz imported mix from over this winter to look forward to? You guys have had some banging ones over the years.
Yeah for sure! Taz skatepark got a new street set up for this winter and all the guys are exited to film.

What’s the clip or clips your most stoked on in the mixtape?
There are bunch of clips im really stoked on. Guys killed it. Justin’s long nose manual to a really tight turn nose bar at the end of the video was awesome. Dillon’s clips are all bless, he finished the video by destroying local park and it looks so effortless.

Its always sick to see the guys you grew up riding with still killing it as well: Turik, Kamil, Boris.
Thanks Jer! We’ll film during summer and hopefully come up with something even better for next year.

Any thanks or shoutouts?
Shout out to everyone who’s down with imported bmx, Jeremy Deme for making this exclusive possible and all the sponsors who support the riders in our crew!