9 to 5 – Matt Desson

29 Dec 9 to 5 – Matt Desson

With the BMX population of Canada at an all time high, we thought it could be interesting to share what some of Canada’s shredders do outside of their riding time. Starting with Kelowna/ Vancouver’s Matt Desson.

What is your 9-5?
I am a journeyman machinist at an aviation machine shop

What made you decide on that trade and what kind of schooling did you have to do for it?
My high school had a real good shop program that got me interested in the trade. I ended up being able to graduate high school early and start my apprenticeship at a local shop. The apprenticeship was about 4 years long with four different 6 to 8 week terms at a trades school

Was there ever a time that you weren’t working or studying, only riding?

No I’ve always had a job. There was a short period of time in 08 when everything was slow that I had gotten laid off but I was working a landscape job for the time being.

Do you view having a job/career throughout being a sponsored rider as a positive or negative?
It’s positive because you appreciate when you can get out and ride more. It always give you a break from always being on your bike. If I didn’t work I probably would get sick of riding pretty quick.

What is a typical day in the life of a journeyman machinist?
My days usually start with me getting to work and continuing on with what ever part I had been working on the day before. 90% of the parts I repair I do all the steps so they usually take a few days to complete.

What kind of parts are you typically working on?
All the parts we do are engine or transmission parts out of air crafts. We over haul them when ever they have each a certain number of flying hour.


What’s the craziest/ weirdest thing you’ve seen at work? What’s the coolest project you’ve worked in since being in the trade?
Nothing really too crazy happens. I think the coolest project I’ve worked on is mostly just being able to make my own stuff in my free time.

In the last couple years your personal life/ family life has changed quite a bit. Talk about that and how it’s affected you riding/ riding time, if it has at all?

Having a kid has defiantly changed how I look at riding. I am more careful now because if I get hurt I won’t be able to work/ provide for him. I’m still riding quite a bit. I usually get out at least 3 times a week. Even if it’s just going to plaza after he goes to sleep for a quick ride.

How long have you been on S&M and what’s it been like riding for one of the most OG BMX brands ever?
I’ve been on s&m for 5 years now. It’s super sick to be able to support a brand that’s done so much.

What’s the best BMX trip you’ve ever been on?

Best trip I’ve ever been on is a hard one. The abq/dnv trip this past spring was super fun. Also the nobikes camping trips up Oregon have been a blast as well.

What advice would you give younger riders who aspire to be sponsored? (potentially riders who would put riding before considering their future work opportunities/careers)
Good luck, haha. No one is making money riding bikes. Specially in Canada. Just have fun on your bike and if some company notices you and starts hooking you up have fun with it but don’t go and cancel your plans of your future career.