NE: Zach St Clair – 2015

15 Dec NE: Zach St Clair – 2015

Zach St Clair is everything that is good in a sea of young riders today. At only 17 years young, Zach is humble, well spoken, talented, constantly spot searching, and takes pride in being in front of and behind the lens. Having spent the last few winters a walk away from Joyride150, it’s no secret that Joyride had a significant impact on Zach’s riding. Unlike alot of riders today, Zach can shred anything, and very well. This is Zach’s first real full street edit, he spent most of 2015 working on it and it shows. We couldn’t be more stoked to share it with you on NE.

Read on for a short Q&A we did with Zach, along with a few pictures taken while filming this edit.

Pictures by Ryan Eles, Dylan Leggett and Stephane Sum

Whats good homie, how you been?
I have been alright . Not too hyped it’s getting cold though.

How’s Timmins been treating you?
Hard as fck up here haha. Spots are pretty decent but there isn’t a riding scene and there are some interesting people haha.

What’s the biggest difference between Markham and Timmins in your opinion?
The atmosphere is so much different. People in Markham have something going on all the time and everyone is worried about themselves. Here there is less people and word spreads super fast. Markham having joyride made it a place that you always can ride with someone where as here I spent most of the fall sessions I had riding solo.

How many Timmins spots/ clips made it into the edit?
Just one clip due to lack of resi training sessions and foam pit rails to learn tricks on. But I am already scheming for next year. hopefully have the homies up for a weekend in the spring and stack some deece clips.

Two summers ago you filmed your first street clips and this year your first full on street edit. How was the process and what were some highlights & low points?
Best part of riding and filming street is finding a fresh set up and just exploring new places. Had the chance to hit up Montreal this year which was a treat. There is nothing like pedalling around a new place, not to mention the amount of spots. Low points have to be those days where you mission to a spot and get a flat, get kicked out or something just isn’t right. Always keep a tube and pump in your bag hahaha

You got stuff left for next year to go back for or did you get most of what you wanted in this edit?
I definitely have a few things I know I want to get done next year. There were too many spots and not enough days to get everything but I am hyped on everything I got done. Gonna spend the winter on google maps, the search for spots never stops haha

Thanks for doing this homie!
No worries thanks again for putting everything together