NE 5 Year Anniversary

5-Year-Anniversary copy

Next week Northern Embassy hits a big milestone, five years. Five years may go by fast, but in the internet world, 5 years of content is alot. Let’s throw out some quick numbers, over 1,700 posts, 215 NE videos/edits, 5 hats, 3 t-shirts, countless stickers, one dvd/international trip and more. Over the next week we have daily features planed for each day, in celebration of this milestone! Check back Sunday for the first!

Northern Embassy wouldn’t exist without it’s contributors. This is a quick thanks to the guys who have held it down and to those who still hold it down today: Zach Rampen, Ian Fleming, Jeremy Deme, Aaron Gates, Joel Fortin, Prashant Gopal, Chris Cadot, Chase Davidson, Mason Gray, Jared Chilko, Riley McMaster, Trent Barker, Mike Orita, Braeden Barnard, Sean Cooke, Chris Silva, Dave Scott, Luke Santucci, Brad Hill, Andrew Schubert, Colton Ponto, Cory Beal, Jesse Hildebrandt, Isaac Barnes, Matt Perrin, and so many more. THANK YOU!! This is also as good of time as ever to say we are always looking for contributors so if you or someone you know is looking to help Canadian BMX, send us an email! (

We also must thank our sponsors, BMX Gallery 4130 and Etnies who have supported us since day 1. Atlantis in Vancouver, MacNeil, OGCBMX (WTP, Federal, Fiend, Eclat, Merritt, Radio), and of course Joyride 150. Everyone of these guys are doing things right for BMX in Canada and deserve your support.

Lastly, and most importantly, Northern Embassy would not exist without your support, the viewers/clickers/submitters. You guys keep us going by checking the site, sending edits over and just being awesome. The Canadian BMX scene is at an all time high, it’s truly incredible to see riders in all corners of this amazing country.

Check back Sunday for the first feature, and then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

Thank you!