Riley Abramyk – Welcome to 1664 BMX

Here’s one we’ve been stoked to see since early this summer. Riley Abramyk has been quietly killing it in Edmonton for some time now but this edit should put him on a lot of Canadians’ radar. Riley got broke off this summer while filming for this but still came through with a beauty of an edit, with RRA as the soundtrack, this is how you kick start your weekend.

“Riley Abramyk is an Edmonton local who has been killing it the past couple years, and had been on our radar for while as well. With his local bike shop/shop sponsor Transition BMX vouching for him, and him already repping 1664 BMX we thought he would be a good fit for the squad, and started flowing him 1664 goods.
Dealing with a couple injuries this past year, including a broken foot, it hasn’t been the easiest year for Riley. But he still managed to come though with this awesome welcome edit for us to officially welcome him to the crew!
Filming by : Mike Orita, Andrew Schubert, Chris Perron, Sean Tiffin, Jared Chilko
Editing by : Jared Chilko
Photo by : Isaac Barnes”