Jab Wax

Every once in a while somebody makes a product you thought couldn’t possibly be made any better or any differently. I know what your thinking because I thought it too, wax is wax right?

Jab wax by Lifetstyle Ikonic has been an interesting brand since it’s creation in 2013. As is any Canadian brand, we want to support those making things in our amazing country. Nik Muryn of Lifestyle Ikonic created the wax quietly and slowly dropping hammers of edits via Tristan Sweet. Besides having some awesome color ways, there’s a couple subtle differences in Jab wax that you won’t find in all other wax:
– It smells amazing.
– Most importantly, it’s slightly softer than traditional wax bricks which means you don’t need to wait for the sun to beam down onto a ledge for it to be buttery, this stuff works almost instantly and goes onto the ledge or rail beautifully. Just this past weekend we used a brick on a ledge that had never seen wax on it and it was instantly sliding as though it had been waxed for weeks. Don’t get me wrong, this will likely mean that you may use slightly more Jab wax than the traditional harder wax, but it is so practical to have jab Wax for trips or spots that you may only be venturing to once and not returning to. No need to wax the spot, grind it, re wax, let it melt and then be good, which can sometimes take days. Jab Wax makes the ledge ready to go almost instantly.


Having BC shredders like Nik Muryn, Neriah Mair, Trevor Angelucci, Tristan Sweet, Johny Bradley Kyle White, Taylor Elder, Joel Dykstra, and more behind the brand, it says something about what these dudes are doing. Check the site here, check the collections here and get the wax here.

[youtube id=”nsdUKY39bNE”]