Wisdom Of The Ages: Jason Enns – DIG


Jason Enns has a very interesting article on Dig here . He discusses the work put into finding and riding a bowl, which is truly as much work as being in the streets. He also mentions people growing away from BMX with age and his personal situation where he can never see himself off a bike, which I’m sure many of us can relate to.

“You know how many people I know who stopped being a professional rider, and never touch a bike again? That’s seems insane to me. So you’re mid-twenties with no work history. Now I’m almost forty, an immigrant with no work history; no one is going to hire you. You get hurt a few times, and you question what you are doing it for. If all you’re going to do is end up with nothing, why don’t you do what’s fun?

I’ve come full-circle. You start at a fun level, and then as you graduate to a certain level, some of that gets lost along the way. I feel like I’m back to that position where it’s like, “Fuck it, it’ so fun, I just can’t see myself ever not riding.” When the basis of what you’re doing is fun, it translates to the viewer; people have fun watching it.”