2015 X-Jam Contest

There was a buzz around the Toronto BMX jam last year, Eric Favot and Zeb Dennis re-vamped the course and ramps which was much needed. They came into 2015 with momentum and did not disappoint! Street riders got a course they had long time hoped for and park guys got a fun flowy setup, box jumps guys got their dream setup, a box that would allow them to go ape.

Lots of guys killed it all weekend long, it’s safe to say X-Jam is growing strong for years to come!

Featuring: Drew Bezanson, Zach St Clair, Nick Bullen, Ross Lanier, Gabe Truax, Charlie Crumlish, Justin Hughes, Nick Bruce, Joel Bondu, Mike Varga, Jake Leiva, Steven Moxley, Mike Fede, Zak Jarvis, Zeb Dennis, Joel Marchand, Phil Williams, Greg Henry, Andrew White, Kenny Oliver, Stephan Sum, Ryan Eles, Gage Sharp, Spencer Ryan, Nick Bullen, Mike Stahl, Jamie Cooper-Ellis, Darcy Peters, Jason Kearnan, Kevin Fabregue, Hugo Larochelle, Dillon Bell, Jamie Thayer, Al Farrugia, David Leib, Colton Walker

Filmed and Edited by Jeremy Deme

Edit available in Youtube or Vimeo version for your viewing pleasure.

[vimeo id=”121773910″]