CLASSIC TX – Mitch Radcliffe

[vimeo id=”119014344″] You might remember Mitch from his epic edit this past summer, well Mitch shows no signs of slowing down as he’s been working on an insane indoor edit this winter and also just recently took a trip to TX. This year  Mitch has big plans for a full length dvd, this first trip of many this year to Dallas/ Fortworth to film for the project. “While being there we quickly found a park to warm up at and cool off at each day. Amongst some craziness going down in the streets, I captured some good stuff from the park and threw in some leftovers from street. Ryan Vanstemp is recovering from a badly broken foot, I ended up breaking my jaw on the third day and spending the 4th day in the hospital and Andy Vanstemp absolutely destroyed the plaza with half the gun powder he used on the streets. All in all this is the first trip video of a larger Canadian project that we will be doing keep posted!”
– Mitch Radcliffe