Mike Gray Interview

Mike Gray Joyride chillin'. Photo by Joel Fortin
Mike Gray Joyride chillin’. Photo by Joel Fortin

The first time I met Mike was at a tiny park in Elmvale Ontario. He rolled in, cruised around for a little bit and then did a huge 180 and snapped his head tube clean off. It looked pretty damn bad, but he didn’t seem too phased and instantly stood up and laughed it off. It was crazy. Since then Mike has made many moves, including getting picked up by various sponsors and making his way down to good ol’ California. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the dude, Mike is one of the best riders to have come out of Canada in the last few years, he’s made a name for himself by constantly producing ridiculous web videos, killing it at various contest, and just being a G. While he was back in the Toronto area for the holidays, I decided to hit him up to see what he’d been up to lately.

What’s good Mike, thanks for doing this interview! How you been?
Hey Joel, been good. Not totally healthy, I’ve had a pretty bad ankle injury for a couple months that is healing up well. Besides that I’ve been in good spirits and staying happy off my bike.

So first off how old are you, where are you from and where are you currently living?
22 from Newmarket, Ontario currently living in San Diego CA.

Mike Gray Toothpick. Photo by Joel Fortin
Mike Gray Toothpick. Photo by Joel Fortin

What first got you into bmx?
Riding the warehouse. A small indoor skatepark in Toronto. It was where all the local pros rode and it taught me that bike riding is all about having a good time with your friends.

You definitely have a unique style in the sense that you ride bigger setups than most people, what influenced you to start riding the way you do?
Thanks dude. I grew up riding with amazing people and I feel like we all influenced each other to go bigger. Sometimes I feel like a big drop is less gnarly than a flat rail … I guess it just depends what your used to and comfortable doing. I am stoked on anything dope.

Who did you look up to when you started riding? And who do you look up to now?
I looked up to Darren Berrecloth when I was a kid. Brandon Semenuk, Ryan Guettler, Colin Mackay, and of course everyone in Dave mirra freestyle BMX. The majority of my time on a BMX I have been looking up to Garret, Dennis, Chad, Simone, and pretty much everyone.

What is a typical day in the life in Cali for you?
If I’m healthy, it probably starts with a park session at one of the many local parks in the SD area, and throughout the day probably find me hangin’ and filming with the homies. Maybe go surf and play some ping pong and eat some delicious sandwiches.

Who do you ride with out there?
My roommate yuungfern, Dennis, Christian, Connor, Chris Martinez, Josh Rosengreen, Glen, Blake Peters, Doeby, Joey, Demarcus and all the locals! Theirs a lot of dope crews all over the city.

Mike Gray. Photo by Joel Fortin
Mike Gray. Photo by Joel Fortin

Where did you travel to this year and what destination was your favorite?
Favorite place was Malaysia for sure. Going on a journey to the other side of the world with a few friends/riders that I look up to so much, everything about the trip was ideal and surreal.

What are you into outside of bmx?
Family, Girls, Good food, music, surfing, hanging with friends, having a good time.

Well I think that’s it! Any shout outs?
Thanks for this opportunity Joel, you’ve been killing it lately.
Shout out to everyone that supports me: Joe, John, Colin and everyone at Haro Bikes, Brian and Joey at Demolition Parts, Jerry Badders at Vans. Cam and Howie at Sensus, My Parents and all my friends.

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