Think Local

You’re watching tv and a car commercial comes on. Your dad bitches about the car he bought last year being $4,000 cheaper in the commercial than what he paid, before realizing he’s on an American channel and that’s USD pricing. Even if you wanted to, you aren’t able to buy a brand new car in the USA as a Canadian. Even though we’re talking about thousands of dollars savings, it simply can’t be done. However, you can buy a bike or bike part from the USA to save a few bucks, but is it worth it?

Many are guilty of doing it at one time or another, but the reality is buying bike parts from the USA is in no Canadian’s best interest. Why you ask? Think of any BMX event you’ve ever attended in Canada. Think of that time you broke something on a Thursday night mid summer, right before the weekend and needed a quick fix or replacement part from your local shop to ensure you could ride that weekend or go on that road trip you’d been planning for weeks. Or that Saturday mid day where you needed a quick fix to keep your session going. Think of any of your buddies who have ever gotten a deal or a free part from a shop, distro or brand in Canada. Think of that indoor park that gives/ gave you a place to ride all winter. Think of your local shop who have helped get a skatepark built in your town or city. The list could go on forever but essentially buying parts in Canada means your money goes back into BMX in Canada, plain and simple. As 1664’s support your local shop campaign has said “Local shops support the scene and are the people spearheading most major projects, jams, contests and local rider sponsorships”. Any person who has ever been to a Metro Jam or Street Justice will tell you that BMX was in their blood forever after that, similar can be said for any young riders who have had the chance to ride with international pros on their home turf.

The flip side of this is in the price you see listed in the USA, which looks much lower at first glance, ends up being much more expensive upon receipt. 3Ride have an awesome calculator ( which gives you a better idea of what your final price will be, which is never as sweet of deal as you initially think. Joe Mamma in Ottawa also have an interesting Bike pricing comparison ( Not to mention in the event of a warranty or any kind of small part issue, your local shop can help you out right away.

At Northern Embassy always steer clear of any product talk/ industry talk because this site is and will always only be about Canadian BMX.  However, we strongly believe in supporting our own country, and also supporting the brands, shops and riders who support Canadian BMX. Over the next year we will be doing a few shop profiles under the Think Local tag, to push an important message and maybe convince a few more riders to support/think local. Starting with BMX Gallery 4130 in Calgary who are easily one of the raddest BMX shops in Canada, owned and ran by riders who support the Calgary scene to the fullest, and have shown their support to NE since the beginning. Check back tomorrow for the feature.

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