Aspotogan Point temporary bowl

[vimeo id=”113755826″]

Here in Nova Scotia (Hubbards, to be exact), back in the 1990s some dudes bought a piece of land on the ocean and began to build an incredible 20million$+ sea spa. The project ran into funding issues in 1994 and closed down.

This Fall, Red Bull came along and turned the inside of the building into a skatepark, as well as turning a waterpump foundation into a temporary concrete bowl. They filmed a video called Red Bull: Last Resort, which dropped on December 4th.

After Red Bull had left, Kyle, Coady and I went to check out the scene. The indoor stuff had been taken down, and the bowl was partially destroyed and filled with debris and water (couldn’t keep for insurance issues). We spent a day salvaging the bowl to ride it for the evening, before being completely filled in with dirt and rocks later that week.

We made a short video from the day, and named it after the Red Bull project that brought us the bowl. Shame it couldn’t have been left there for the public to ride it.