Greg Henry – Tasers Remix

[youtube id=”TsF8jTftZYQ”]”Today I am super psyched to announce we are gonna be dropping these solo remix edits from the Merritt Tasers video, and first up is Greg Henry. GH and I grew up riding together but this is the first big trip for a shared sponsor we ended up on and that made it a little extra special to watch him totally destroy everything we came across. He seriously battled that first crankslide on the rail in the ivy, he’d slide the entire thing and kept washing out at the bottom. It was early on the trip and his determination definitely helped set the bar for the rest of our time spent filming on the east coast.

You can still swoop a free copy of the full DVD wherever Merritt products are sold. Get to your local shop ASAP and threaten them with a taser.” Charlie Crumlish