Setups: Andrew King


What’s the current setup?

Vx2100, mk1 fisheye, shitty panasonicĀ nv-gs250 camera for second angle and importing footage, pentax me super and the light is some vid pro light.

SD over HD?

Hell ya So much more character. I just love holding a vx camera when I film I get bored of hd footage.

Who are some of your favourite dude’s to film and what are a couple of your favourite edits/ projects you’ve worked on?

I like filming with my friends Josh Zylstra, Ian Pryzdial, Kostya Chimkovitch, Nigel Sapriken, and Neriah Mair. One of my favourite edits I worked on was with Nathan Royes a couple years ago. But I’m most stoked on the mixtape I have been working on the last few months.

When do you figure that’ll be dropping? 2014 or just keeping it going til your fully stoked to drop it?

I think will be putting it out pretty soon Just a few more clips we wanna get done first.

If Sony released a VX3000 with SD cards (no heads) instead of tapes, would you make the switch?

Nah I don’t think so, I’m pretty content with my set up but I have been pretty lucky with the reliability of my camera, haven’t had messed up heads or anything (knock on wood).

What is Bleach and how did it start?

It’s just something I have been working on the last couple years with my friend. Got super into bleaching all my old clothing. So we started wanting to make are own stuff that will be dropping soon. Just some random shit we think is cool. And I have been making videos under that name for last couple years.

Any tips for anyone getting into filming that you wish you knew when you were getting into it?

Keep Skatepark footage separate from street footage Just cause I have come to hating skatepark footage mixed into street edits, just a personal preference.

Click here for the Bleach Vimeo account