Vlad is the first of our new SETUPS feature which will take a look at some of Canada’s finest BMX filmers/editors. Straight out of Montreal, Vlad is tight in the scene and has been filming for ages now.

What’s your current setup?

I film with a Panasonic HMC 150 and I sometimes use my Canon t2i/Rokinon fish for wider fisheye shots.

Who are some of your favorite people to film with and what is a project or edit you filmed that you are most stoked on?

I like to film with all my Imported BMX guys especially Dillon Lloyd, Justin Hughes, Joel Marchand and Jordane Dubois, those guys simply kill it. So far my best edits are Justin’s and Dill’s welcome to WeThePeople team.

When did you start Imported and for anyone who doesn’t know, what’s it all about?

Imported bmx started I’d say 3 years ago. All of us are good friends and we have own team here in Montreal. We ride and chill together also filming constantly. You can always find us on facebook, instagram @importedbmx

Any projects in the works over the winter? Taz edits?

I’m currently working on Joel Marchand’s welcome to imported team video and also new Imported Mixtape that we filmed for about 2 years. There will be snow and cold weather here in Montreal soon so expect edits in TAZ Skatepark for sure this year!

Shout out our good friend Boris from Israel that rep’s us there and keeps it real. We will have clips of him in the mixtape .