NEW Northern Embassy Site/Layout

Hey guys, you may have already noticed some changes in the layout of the site over the last week. We can’t thank Cory Beal enough for making this happen, the site is finally looking how we’ve wanted it to look since it’s creation almost 4 years ago now.

The biggest changes are the following:

FEATURES – Everything that is exclusive to Northern Embassy can be found simply by clicking that tab. In the past we’ve found alot of our exclusive content has gotten lost in the mix of everything else, this tab will change that.

EVENTS – This is still a work in progress but essentially our goal here is to have a calendar with a list of all BMX events across Canada so riders can have an easy go to to keep track of what is happening where and when. For now all flyers or event info will be tagged with events.

CONTACT & SUBMISSION – Our email and contact info was never super easy to find on the previous site, now if you have an edit you’d like us to post up you can simply fill out the form or email us at the email indicated in the contact section (

STORE – Updated store with hopefully a consistent flow of goods/stickers

Home – This is essentially exactly what the previous version of Northern Embassy was, everything we post can be found here

The goal of Northern Embassy has always been and always will be to allow Canadian riders to see what riders across this country are up to. This site wouldn’t exist without all it’s contributors, thanks so much to all of you! Enjoy the new layout and look forward to good things ahead!

Northern Embassy Coast to Coast tee

In celebration of the new site, we got some tees printed which you can snag off our shop here or hit us up by email ( if you’re in the Vancouver, or Toronto area for local pickup. NE print on the front and big logo on the back.