Kyle Hirschkorn Gallery

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Kyle Hirschkorn has been shooting photos and video in Vancouver under the “Life’s Hard” moniker over the past couple of years. Kyle has a knack for capturing awesome stuff, whether his subjects know it or not. Kyle was cool enough to share some insight on a few of his recent photos, including the above shot of trail boss Luke Fulghan.

Luke and I grew up in the same small town of Abbotsford and the first trails I saw were built by him in the late ’90s. I owe a lot to the dedication Luke has for trails and BC is very priveledged to have him building public bike parks. This set up is from a recent project he worked on for the City of Surrey.

Jordon Hango - Fit Bike co (1) resized
This picture was taken mid-line before reaching the newest and biggest double at Kush. After making it through the line numerous times, you stop appreciating how high he is blasting. The next day, when I reviewed the footage I was quickly reminded that Hango can kill any terrain.

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The fall is one of the best times at the trails – cool/dry weather, a mix of colors and open view points. As beautiful as the changing leaves are, they’re also the first sign that the end of trail seasons is near and it sometimes happens overnight. On this day, Boss and I snuck in a few laps before tarping them – lucky we did as this was the last run at Kush for over 6 months.

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This park sucks and Dave kills ’em all!

over under
Gorilla Jam happens every spring in Victoria and flocks of BMXers jump on ferries for the celebration of an upcoming summer. Occasionally, between the 2 nights of partying and partying some biking does happen. Dave and Carl made this over and under a little more interesting by going the same direction and somehow made it happen.