Ode to Coasters

28 May Ode to Coasters

Dan Cox – Tomorrow We Work

With freecoasters almost more common than cassettes these days, there are two coaster pioneers who proved to be years ahead of their time.

Dan Cox still stands out as one of the smoothest coaster riders today (along with the guy below). Dialed riding mixed with awesome filming and good style meant anything you ever saw from Dan Cox was a treat to watch. Today they work, but a little while back Joe released this awesome Dev edit showing everyone the 9-5 club still shred when they have the time to.


Ian Schwartz – Up Up and Away

It’s arguable that Ian Schwartz was a decade ahead of his time. When most were sending themselves down rails, Ian was cruising the streets pegless and backwards. Ian always saw things from a very different angle, a very unique and amazing angle. I remember him halfcabing the super tall flat rail at Metro Jam after a few tries, in between everyone else run for no other reason than he wanted to see if he could get do it. His humble attitude and genuine love for riding always made him super fun to watch ride, BMX misses you Ian.