The Adam Piatek Interview


Adam Piatek is everyone’s kid brother. He’s a mild mannered, polite young man who’s riding speaks louder than words. Hailing from beautiful Port Moody, BC, Adam was fortunate to grow up riding historical Lafarge and Poco/Railside. It is with a great deal of sadness that we announce that Adam has recently broken his collarbone, only a few days after we finished up this interview. Read on to learn a few things about one of Canada’s brightest up and comers and once you’ve done that, send some kind words/healing vibes his way.

How was the trip?
Most dialed trip so far. A homie Rayden Wickop joined us(me and Nate) and filmed the whole thing with his DSLR. I got a couple second angle long lense shots before my cam shit the bed. Way she goes.. During the trip we hit up downtown everyday, so we got to hit up a ton of spots seen in edits. Result was a lot of good clips which makes me psyched. Also got to see a ton of weird fucked up people in town and on the Max (train).

Where exactly did you go?
Forest Grove, Oregon. We had the Forest Grove park close. 2 min pedal.

Did you just head out there for study break? It seems like every year at this time you take a trip somewhere
100% for study break. Lucky Portland is fairly close. Unreal place to ride. And super lucky to have Nates grandparents for a warm place to stay.

How’s the winter been in Vancouver this year?
Winter has been deece. Still had days to ride with the homies, even to get a clip or two.

How’s long have you lived in Vancouver now and what brought your family there?
I’ve lived in Van all my life. Born n raised. Family moved from Poland in Europe. Better life out here. Canada’s’ got their government situation going right. Ya know’


Who’s the usual crew you roll with?
In Portland I was with Nathan Hines and Rayden Wickop. Poco wise, Jaden Hanberry, Pavvvvy Podgorny, Old Dirty Owen Dawson, Rhett Dog. Just the boys ferda.

It seems like you guys tried to get away from Poco a bit more this year and ride street elsewhere in Van?
Yeah we try to get for better spots. Usually weekends. Whatever we find, Owen probly bombs a fat rail.

You guys have some trails running now too? Do you prefer street, park, trails or all of the above
Exactly got our trails runnin. Dug all winter to have all em ready by spring/summer time. We got plenty of plans for lines. After riding trails the Poco bowl feels like a dream. I love riding everything. Just stoked on being pumped. Haha

Who are some of your favorite riders that you look up to?
Too many to list… Ty Morrow, Craig Passero, Dennis Enarson, Dakota Roche, CK, Garrett Reynolds, big time pros. Also usually who I ride with and get stoked on ridind with like Owen Dawson and Nathan Hines.

You guys seem pretty stoked on SD. How you feeling about that now that your cam has shit the bed? haha
Yeah we definitely love SD. You know since she’s older than me, it’s all good. It’s just the way she goes. Now I gotta get a quote on my cam and see what’s goin on with her and how much it’ll cost me. I’m just lookin forward for it to be working prime as Pawel’s ATM. I just enjoy capturing the tape and seeing crispy SD footy. But with a memory card there is a large plus having the option to replay the clip. Ill deffs like to work with both in the near future! Keep the format in 4:3 ferdasureduh.


Your older brother skated a bunch right? What made you get into BMX over skating
Hahaha he rode BMX before skating. He’s just been skating more lately.

Dom def go me into BMX from the start. Im down with it and always will be.

Was having a few skateparks close to your place what got you on a bike in the first place?
Yes definitely. It all started at the park learning how to drop in, pump, and even learn fakies.

For a kid your age you’ve traveled quite a bit, how important do you think traveling is for bmxers
Yeah I’ve deffs traveled more than I’d expect. It really depends on a good riding scene. But damn travelling is way too good. I love shifting into a different scene for a bit then coming back to home sweet home. You feel great when you get back appreciating things you don’t have while on a trip. Also meeting up back up with all the Ferda homies. Everyone should really take a trip out to ride somewhere new. Best thing!


What are 5 places you’ve yet to visit but would love to go?
Austin, BCN, Villij trails, Markit ramps, Unit 23.

What are your 5 fav songs on your iPod right now?
Aquemini-Outkast, Come home with me-Cam’ron, Best Friend-Rhythm & Sound, Walk like a Man-Murs & 9th Wonder, Spoiled Sun-Mmoss.

What are youre top 5 edits in the last year?
Well thats a hard one.. Sean Ricany’s Primo edit popped off. Trip With Stranger vol.1. Primo Blazers. Day in the life with Clint Reynolds. Alex Donnachie – Ruin your whole summer part.

Whats up for Adam Piatek this summer?
I’d like to head out to Portland again with Nathan n Rayden. Hopefully head to the Okanagan.. great time out there. Definitly keep workin on our trillz and just mobb round Van with the homies!

Any last words or thanks?
First and foremost thanks to my rents for supporting me.

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