Street Dome – Haderslev, Denmark

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Through the years, I’ve seen a lot of wild skatepark designs. This one might be the most intersting. The Street Dome in Haderslev, Denmark is a massive indoor/outdoor project headed up by the design firm of legendary Danish vert skater Rune Glifberg and built by Seattle concrete masters, Grindline.

The defining feature of the park, the dome, is built to house a bunch of bowls. It’s also incorporated into the design of the outdoor section, with giant banks and quarterpipes running up the side. Usually, I’m interested in skatepark design for cool new shapes – clam shells, cradle variations, etc. This is different. Although there is nothing new about the transitions in this park, the dome is both aesthetically and functionally awesome. It keeps some of the park out of the rain, and allows for some cool features up the outside of it.

With a budget of 3.6 million Euros ($5.5 million CAD), it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see a project like this on our side of the Atlantic, but it sure is fun to look at.

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