The Hinterland: BMX and Winter in the Far North

15 Feb The Hinterland: BMX and Winter in the Far North

The Hinterland from Least Most on Vimeo.

It’s February, and most of us have been buried by snow or have battled grey skies and rain for months. At this point, with spring just around the corner, I wanted to share this video that a few friends and I made years ago in Alaska.

In Alaska, snow hits in late September and melts in April leaving only a short period for riding and other summer activities. In a way, the winter defines the entire year. I’ve never seen a group of people live life as aggressively as Alaskans do in June and July. Walking around a neighborhood at 10 pm is different there. There is often a surprising number of kids out playing, there might be people out doing yardwork and if you want to, you can ride all night in semi-daylight.

I hope that some of you will watch this and be able to relate to it. Alaska is an extreme example, but there are lots of places in Canada with the same long winters and the same necessity to get out there and make things happen in the summer.