Chris Cayford – 10 Years Later


Ten years ago today, the Okanagan scene lost one of its prominent figures. Chris Cayford was the BMX guy at the local bike shop and was well known for putting on the Winfield bowl jams. He rode everything, including flatland, and brought the Whitehorse tradition of shoveling skateparks in the winter time with him to Kelowna.

For years, the BK crew (Mat Ridgeway, Matt Desson etc.) continued putting on the Winfield bowl jams in Chris’ memory. The jam was always held in March and was usually the first jam of the year in BC. The jams had some memorable moments, including Brett Craig (RIP) driving from Saskatchewan to ride the jam only to have to turn around right afterwards and drive 20+ hours home, and Dom Mach doing this crazy over double peg out of the bowl. The jam hasn’t happened for a few years, but there are talks of a ten year jam happening this year.

For all of us who knew Chris, he’s remembered fondly.

2 thoughts on “Chris Cayford – 10 Years Later”

  1. Elise Stevenson

    I lived with Chris in Kelowna and rode with him there for sometime. He was a great guy and we had so many latenight street sessions. I have never been able to make one of the jams, but I would like to to pay my respects. Thanks for this post.

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