Embassy Oregon Part III: Edit and Photos by Tony Archibeque Jr.

19 Sep Embassy Oregon Part III: Edit and Photos by Tony Archibeque Jr.


Next up in our series of posts from Oregon, we have the official edit by a man who once made an entire video set to ’90s dance music, Tony Archibeque Jr. This edit is not set to ’90s dance music, but it’s still awesome. Tony also shot some great photos on the trip, and all of this is after the jump.

Film/Edit Tony Archibeque Jr.

Left to Right…
Back row: Jordan Hango, Caleb Ruecker, Tony Archibeque Jr., Travis Sexsmith, Rasmus Graveson, James Van de Kamp, Dave Butler, Matt Desson, Andrew Lazaruk, Jason Vawter, Kyle Hirschkorn
Front Row: Mat Ridgeway, Aaron Gates, Jack Nicholl, David Clay, Slade Scherer

While this turndown was happening, most of us were stuck on the side of the road with a broken minivan.

Travis Sexsmith icepicked this back rail out of what appears to be a tight cement quarter.

James Van de Kamp goes higher than anyone I’ve ever met.

And his turndowns are decent too…

David Clay is reckless. The last clip int he edit above looks impressive, but witnessing the sequence of events that led up to it was incredible.

1) Call out the gap over the fence
2) Massively over-rotate a 360, first try, no straight jump or run up
3) Crash the 360 a couple of times
4) Throw a truckdriver
5) Land the truck driver
6) Go home

Ridgeway finding the line

The best place to do a barspin, right?

This is one of my favorite parts of planning trips. Here we have a business comedian from Saskatchewan, a legendary Portland street rider and a dude from Alaska.

Breakin’ the law?

This is another cool thing that happened on the trip. The last time I had seen Dave Butler before this trip, I was 16. We were at a jam and I put a 30 stitch gash in my leg. Dave was the “first aid” guy. He sent me to the hospital. 15 years later we went on a road trip.