BMX Gallery 4130 Ride To Glory: Contest Winners


Calgary’s BMX Gallery 4130 wrapped up their Ride To Glory contest earlier this summer, and we finally got our act together to put together an announcement of the winning videos and challenges. If you aren’t familiar with it, you can read the event details here and a copy of the task sheet here. It sounds like the contest got a lot of riders and crews involved from across the country, and hopefully next year will be even bigger. Check out the breakdown of the top seven winners with their videos, and some of the contest challenges after the jump, and you can check out a lot of videos and photos from during the filming of the contest with the #bg4130r2g hashtag. Big thank you to BMX Gallery 4130 for putting on a fun contest like this and opening it up to riders all across the country.

Winners of the Contest Challenges:
1664 Biggest Roof Drop: Riders Union
BMX Gallery Longest Grind: Chilling Spree
Ryder Distribution Most Kinks Grinded: Bad4Life
Vans Canada Biggest Gap to Wall: Riders Union
Fox Canada Biggest Stair 180: Riders Union
Ten Pack Distribution Best Trick While Doubling: uncompleted

Also for no prize but some extra points we did a longest skid challenge. Chilling Spree took the win on that with a 1400 ft skid and followed by Bad4life which had an amazing skid at 871 ft on the biggest hill they could find in Saskatchewan.

16 Under Teams:
1st – Hashtag
2nd – The Krooks
3rd – Evolution

As for the team placements we don’t have a tally for everyone just the top few teams but hopefully next year will have an easier task check sheet to hand in to simplify things a bit. That said heres a tally of the top few and the rest are just in random order. Also note that team No Bikes 1 and 2 would have placed in the top couple teams if they did’t lose track of there score and the task sheet out the window on a road trip so they then made up there own challenges stacking thousands of points haha.
– BMX Gallery 4130

1st – Chilling Spree – 3600 points

2nd – Riders Union – 3050 points

3rd – Bad4Life – 2950 points

4th – Dumpem Out – 2350 points

5th – OldieWanKenobi – 2200 points

6th – Okanagen – 1650 points

7th – 30Plus – 950 points

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