Ten Pack Ottawa/Montreal Weekend

06 Sep Ten Pack Ottawa/Montreal Weekend

I will disclose that I was on this trip and did the bulk of the filming (aim your comments about shakey camera work towards me), but will say that the few days we spent on the road were extremely productive, frustrating, and fun. We were constantly avoiding the rain, spent a day at a shop jam at D-Structure (that video is coming soon), and spent just about an entire day at the hospital after Dillon Lloyd crashed hard on what was the scariest attempt that I have ever witnessed. Despite all of that, our crew of Greg Henry, Chris Silva, and Chijioke Okafo were incredibly motivated to ride just about anything and I had a blast cruising around Montreal again and showing spots in my hometown (Ottawa). We drove, we searched, we rode, we partied, and we swam. Everything that a good trip should have. You can find a few photos from the trip here too.