Drew Bezanson Jumps Over Joyride 150

13 Jun Drew Bezanson Jumps Over Joyride 150


Wow. This video is either already, or going to be everywhere, and we are definitely not above posting it on here. This is the sort of video I hope your aunt that forwarded you a Danny Macaskill video, or emailed you the Tim Knoll video last week will watch and want to send you. Drew Bezanson basically jumping over and out of EVERYTHING at Joyride 150. I had heard rumours of some of the stuff he had supposedly done for this video at the park, but that did not prepare me. The speed for some of these gaps, the squeezed drop from the second level, or the insane height of the custom hitching post they built for this is hard to understand. Drew has done it again. Watch this one more than once.