Chilling Spree: Zine and Video Premiere – June 1st


This is one for all the readers in Vancouver to make it out to. Riley McMaster is throwing a zine and video premiere at Ride On Bike Shop (19th and Main) tomorrow night (June 1st) at 8:00pm. He’ll be releasing his newest zine, Chilling Spree, and premiering a new mix edit. All the details are below. Make it out and support this event.

Death of a Homeowner. Gnarwhale’s extinction. Chilling Spree prevails.

Finally finished my new 48 page full colour zine, CHILLING SPREE, with tales and photographic evidence of riding/tripping around North America with contributions from Chester Jones, Jordan Hango, Randi Oh, Carl Arnett.

Also going to premiere the new mix edit feature a whole bunch of the homies.

A bunch of new shirt designs will be dropping this night, so many freshly tied and dyed creations coming from my own hands.

BYOB. At the bikeshop.
Like we need another excuse to party at the bikeshop.

Zines and shirts will be on sale. Get peakin’

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