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top 10 - 2012

Another year, another slew of year end wrap up lists. In all honesty, this past year has been the best yet for Embassy. I feel like we’ve put out the best content we ever have, released a DVD that we were all proud of, put out some great products (hats and t-shirts that didn’t last long in our store and sold out fast), ran some fun contests, gave out lots of prizes, and proudly showcased Canadian BMX from all corners of the country. I went through the last year of posts on the site to find the top 10 most popular entries we made (based on web analytics), to share with everyone. In case you missed any of these the first time, or wanted to re-visit them, have a look at the top 10 posts of 2012 after the jump.

10. Toronto BMX Jam 2012 Recap
This wasn’t much of a recap of 2012’s infamous Toronto BMX Jam, but instead I quickly put up one great clip of Drew Bezanson, and shared my excitement and photo with the one and only Darryl Nau.

9. Sam Lowe Signature
Earlier this year Sam was fortunate enough to be given a chance to design his own signature grip for Wethepeople. He has since moved on and found a new sponsor, but we talked with him about the process and prestige that comes with getting to design your own signature product, as well as his signature handlebar from Primo.

8. Dillon Lloyd: The Hunt 2nd Place
In 2011 The Hunt asked us if we would take part in the first Hunt contest. Jeremy Deme and Dillon Lloyd worked for an entire summer and produced a section that took 2nd place. After the DVDs were long sold out the video parts from the contest starting popping up online, and it was great to finally showcase Dillon’s hard earned section to even more people via the Internet. While Dillon has progressed in leaps and bounds since this section was filmed, it still stands to prove the solid, well rounded, and classic riding that he is capable of, beautifully captured and edited by Jeremy.

7. Wayne Hartman Interview
I loved this interview with Wayne. I knew relatively little about him, but was a fan, and came away an even bigger fan. You can get a sense of Wayne’s strong worth ethic and background in this interview, as well as some great photos from Dave Hawthorne that range from pegless rails to trails, to a sweet ninja drop GIF.

6. Summer of Fun Results: Part 1
This was the first of two posts with winners from our Summer of Fun contest we ran. The number of entries and response was so great that we had to break up the list in to two parts. This post features winners seven to fourteen.

5. Isaac Barnes Interview
Isaac spoke to us about a range of topics from working in the industry, California escapes, growing up in a small town, web edits vs. DVDs, ABDs, etc. This one was a long and interesting read that people enjoyed.

4. RIP Brett Craig
This was a sad post to make, and never an easy one, but fellow BMX rider Brett Craig from Saskatchewan passed away this past May. We made a short memorial post about his passing along with an edit of him from 2009 with 1.5 minutes of raw park riding.

3. Summer of Fun Results: Part 2
This was the second post with our Summer of Fun results with the top seven winners. There were so many good videos in this, but ultimately Team Business from Halifax took the win.

2. Etnies/Timebomb 5 Clip Winner
This was our other contest we ran this summer, asking viewers to submit a 5 clip edit of themselves and they could win a prize package from Etnies/Timebomb Trading. We had a lot of really good entries and showcased the top 6 videos here. In the end, we had to give it to Jordan Dwan for a creative edit that had it all: good theme, hard tricks, and great editing/filming.

1. Jared Chilko Edit/Interview
This interview/edit with Jared Chilko changed a lot of people’s opinions about him I think. Jared had been famously known throughout the world of BMX web edits for stylish airs and clicked turndowns at a few skateparks in Edmonton. His interview shed a lot more light on who he is as a person and a rider, and he spoke candidly about some of his moves in the past. The accompanying edit really showed people how diverse and unique his riding has become, and it’s no wonder why it was the most popular post of the year.

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