From the Vault – 2003 Summerland Jam

29 Dec From the Vault – 2003 Summerland Jam

This one goes way back, so much so that the video that this jam was featured in came out on VHS. At that point, jams still played the role of bringing scenes together (a role that’s largely been taken over by videos). In our area, this particular jam is often brought up as being memorable, and I think it’s for good reason. These are just a few things I can remember from ten years ago:

FBM Ghetto Street had recently happened, so we decided to build some additional ramps at one of the relatively terrible ’90s era skateparks in the Okanagan. By the end of the day, literally every shottily constructed ramp we built had been reduced to a pile of lumber.

Odyssey sent roughly $1000 worth of free stuff to give away and they sent it directly to us (not through a distro). This still seems pretty incredible.

Slinger and Lazer were all over the place doing awesome stuff.

We premiered the Salvation Video, which is pretty memorable to this day.

Cory Fester came down from Edmonton and did a bunch of awesome flatland inspired stuff, including the long downhill hang five at the end. To put it into perspective, this was before hang fives were a street trick. We were having a downhill manual session outside of the video premiere and Cory did the hang five in the video pretty much out of nowhere. I’d venture that most in attendance had no idea what a hang five was. Minds were blown, and fun was had by all.