Dillon Lloyd Heavy Hitter Éclat Pro-Motion

19 Dec Dillon Lloyd Heavy Hitter Éclat Pro-Motion

Our history with Dillon Lloyd runs deep. Deeper than the 2nd place section for The Hunt that we worked together on last year. I remember him since he was a 12 year old boy at the skatepark with food stains and crumbs all over him, riding better than the guys twice his age, and Jeremy’s history with him runs even deeper. All that makes us even more stoked and proud that he just got the bump to the Éclat pro team to a roster of some pretty heavy hitters. One could say that he is carrying a torch for a new generation of Canadian riders on the world stage now. Check out this amazing video filmed largely by (occasional Embassy contributor) Sean Cooke, and put together by Jeremy Deme.

heavy hitter
Heavy Hitter 1#