Mike Fiz’s Audio Pop Off: Fall Haze

09 Oct Mike Fiz’s Audio Pop Off: Fall Haze

“Hello once again! I usually have some sort of story to tell when it comes to everything, I guess I’m some sort of inner nerd or something. I mean, I’m the type of person who will pick a spot because of the colour of the wall etc. Always thinking everything out, maybe it’s some sort of aesthetic OCD that I’m unaware of. Just like my constant quest to find the holy grail of flannel. My mind is as fucked as getting in to downtown Toronto in rush hour! From hating my tattoos one day, to loving them the next, hating my clips then coming back to realize they are not that bad, I’m always in a constant struggle when it comes to stuff I create or decide to do. I’m elaborating on this, because every time I make these mixes, I end up hating them by the end. Is that a good thing? Some may say it is but it’s pretty damn annoying. This is one of these mixes, I’m not too fond of it anymore but hell, I’ll let you guys judge for yourselves by clicking HERE. Enjoy!”
– Mike Fiz