Link: How To Van Camp / A Restless Transplant

03 Oct Link: How To Van Camp / A Restless Transplant

I think almost everyone reaches some kind of breaking point in their life where they contemplate leaving all that they know behind in search of a simpler life. Of the population that may think this, some people may fantasize about simplifying their life so much as to live out of their van in search of adventures and a stress-free lifestyle. Foster Hunting did just that. After leaving his design job in NYC and packing his belongings in to a van, he set out for the west coast in search of places to surf and camp. The video above shows how easily you can van camp.

He has nothing to do with bikes, but I’m sure the aforementioned video, his photos, and travels are relatable to anyone that has day dreamed about setting off on the road with total freedom. You can follow some of his sites, photos, and projects here:
A Restless Transplant
Out of Reception