Summer of Fun: Contest Results – Part 2

10 Aug Summer of Fun: Contest Results – Part 2

At the start of the week we showed you entries 14 – 7 of our Summer of Fun contest, and we finally have the top 6 winners to debut. As corny as it may sound, I think just about any of these videos could have taken the top spot. It had gotten so close that the top two videos were separated by only 0.09 of a point. Everyone took different approaches and produced very different videos. The judges scored them all individually and we got an average score for each one. I said it before, and I’ll say it again, thank you to all of the teams and riders that entered our contest, and an extra big thanks goes out to MacNeil, Etnies, Eclat, Almond, Colony, Kink, BMX Gallery 4130, Sour Fever, Animal, 3Ride, Quintin, Division Brand, S-One Helmets, our panel of judges, and anyone else that helped us out in any way. We will be sorting out the list of prizes for all of the winners soon, but for now click below to watch the amazing videos from our top 6 teams of how they spent their Canada Day long weekend!

6. TEAM GNARWALE – 7.08/10


4. TEAM VANCOUVER – 7.58/10

3. TEAM LONDON – 7.75/10

2. TEAM REPSET – 8.08/10

1. TEAM BUSINESS – 8.17/10