Union Press: Issue Two

31 Jul Union Press: Issue Two

Union Press issue two is back from the printer, and available now. For those not familiar, Union Press is a free Canadian newsprint zine created by Brad Hill of BMXFU and my ongoing project, Yo Sick. The zine focuses on Canadian BMX with stories, profiles, photos, and illustrations from myself (Prashant Gopal), Brad Hill, Trent Barker, Lee Dennis, Adam Grandmaison, Prasheel Gopal, and more. For issue two we have doubled the page count from 2 to 4 broadsheets, and the reverse side from each page unfolds to reveal full size (23″ X 34″) posters from MacNeil Bikes, Almond Footwear, Sunday Bikes, and Quintin Co. The zine is available for free from bike shops across Canada that have an account with Ten Pack Distribution. If you can’t get it through your local bike shop, or live outside of Canada, you can find it in the Yo Sick online store for the cost of shipping. Check out some more photos of some of the pages below, and get your hands on a copy soon.