Trent Barker Summer Photos

26 Jul Trent Barker Summer Photos

Spencer Bryant-Longo – sprocket chunk barspin to barspin to over

Fans of this site should be more than familiar with Trent Barker‘s photos by now. He’s still recovering from a bad foot injury from last summer, but is always steadily shooting and collecting photos in and around Toronto. He sent over a collection of ten great photos from his summer so far. Click below to check out the full gallery, and be sure to head over to the Ten Pack website for a recent gallery he also shot of an Animal tour here.

Andrew White – gap to wall to 180

Brad Hill – hop in hop out double peg grind

Brad Hill – turndown

Brian ‘B-Money’ Montgomery – trash can hop to double peg

Chris ‘Cat Dick’ Cadot – 180 grass gap

Eric Marshall – Gardiner hip boost

Greg Damico – gap to toothpick hanger

Greg Damico – wedge to wallride

Greg Flag – bizarre fence stall to 270