‘Sound of the City’ 90East

We usually stick to Canadian content on here but we’re firm believers in DVDs and just like we talked about ALYK last year, this year we’re talking about the new 90East DVD Sound of the City. The DVD features a few of our Boston homies including Abdul Fofanah, Jake Frost, Lino Gonzalez and many more. While many are focusing on getting that extra barspin in their line, this DVD is anything but that. These guys are having fun and make it about finding and riding unique spots. The DVD makes you feel as though your actually in Boston throughout, and SD footage has never looked better. People can hate on SD online but watching this DVD made me want to sell every HD cam I own and only film SD for DVDs.

Lino also took a different approach to this video, offering it on DVD and also as a $5 digital download, which is a huge step forward in bmx dvds in my opinion. As much as BMX DVDs have decreased in price over the years (in attempt to remain existent), the availability of them has also decreased so being able to purchase/support BMX DVDs has become more difficult because of it. I honestly hope more DVDs will be offered in this way, and I personally love having the hard copy for life but at least having the cheaper digital download alternative will hopefully help sales, and widen the distribution network.

This DVD is sick for alot of reasons but mainly because you can tell the Boston scene is tighter than ever and these dudes are having fun riding. If you liked any Animal DVDs, the recent Skavenger joint, or ALYK, you will definitely enjoy this DVD. You can buy the video as a 20 minute digital download directly from 90East or you can find the disc (which comes with a bunch of bonus material not found in the digital download) in better bike shops across Canada.