Embassy X Quintin Contest Winner!

02 Mar Embassy X Quintin Contest Winner!

After running our Embassy X Quintin Winter Contest for over a month and sorting through all of our submissions, we are happy to announce that our winner is Kyle Lafleur from Sudbury, Ontario! Kyle put a lot of time and energy in to his video submission, which includes everything from games of shinny, winter bonfires, cold street riding, a garage ramp, and skateboarding. Kyle’s video is the perfect example of making the best with what you’ve got and enjoying the seasons no matter what. You’ll be receiving your package soon Kyle. Check out Kyle’s video below and click to read what he had to say.

This winter has been a bit different then most for myself. There hasn’t been a whole lot of winter activities being done this year aside from a lot of outdoor hockey. The weather has been mild with the weekend seeming the warmest. One of the local high schools leaves the gates to there courtyard open on the weekends for snow removal and there is a fairly big area in the back that has a roof over it with a couple manual pads. Nothing much at all but still something. The week following our first session at the school everyone wanted to ride more but the gates wouldn’t be open until next weekend. We decided to go pick up some 2×4’s and plywood to build a bank in my garage where we were pretty already hanging out every night, getting loose one way or another. The garage is small and almost requires a confined space permit to ride (16’x20′), needless to say it has been 50 bucks well spent. The thing I’ve enjoyed the most about it is that when you only have one obstacle to ride you start doing lots of tricks you don’t normally do or have never done before. Everyone has learned a few things in there. There has been lots of good parties over the winter such as my birthday, New Years in Toronto, Landozine premiere in Ottawa, and every weekend in between. Toronto BMX jam should be another good one. All in all its been a good winter, but there’s still snow on the ground so all I can do is look out the window, wait for spring and hope that the 2012 only gets better. Thanks to everyone who helped with this video and made it a good winter. Weather it be holding the camera, drinking too much beer while riding the garage, roadtrips, playing hockey, or partying.
– Kyle Lafleur

We would also like to give honourable mentions to Gustav Ekelund from Vancouver, BC and Justin DesRosiers from Thunder Bay, ON for their entries. They both sent in really different videos showing what else they do with their time in the winter, or what they do to allow themselves to keep riding. You can check out their videos further down. We would like to thank Quintin for supporting this contest and tossing in so much rad stuff for the winner, and everyone that participated in the contest and sent anything in. We will have more contests in the future, so keep checking the site all year round.

During the winter season when it is too wet to ride and when I am not busy with school, I spend my spare time building scale models. I also enjoy filming and editing so i guess this sumbission is a example of both.
– Gustav Ekelund

Here is my submission. Thunder Bay was hit with a tonne of snow last night, so this morning I cleared it off my half pipe.
– Justin DesRosiers