Embassy Top 10 of 2011

We decided to put together a list of our top 10 posts/ edits from 2011. In no particular order we compiled this list via google analytics, vimeo views and most importantly from you guys, our readers. (Above photo submitted by Gustav Ekelund)

Jeff Evans Edit – Jeff and I worked on this edit for a few weeks, mostly on weekends, which is insane because of how good the riding is. This was one of my favorite edits that I worked on in 2011, featuring the one and only juice arse.

David Hawthorne Photos – David hooked up some amazing photos this past year from brand new ones to amazing classics, thanks again David and we all hope to see many more.

The Evolution of Video Cameras in BMX – Most of us here at the Embassy are bmx film nerds, it seemed like a good idea to look back at how much video cameras in bmx have evolved over the past decade.

Jared Chilko/Superstar/Embassy edit – Jared hooked up this dope edit of himself which turned out to be our most viewed web edit of 2011.

Stay Mad Monday’s – Rooder helped Canada start off their week the right way, MAD. From girls, to drivers, to cops, Andy kept us laughing every mad monday.

Stay Glad Edit – Stay Glad edit was a compilation of summer footage/ good times. It featured alot of Vancouver homies and a few Montreal homies, we tried to put that good summer feel into an edit and this is what came out.

The Seshin Years – The Seshin Years was an idea that came about through everyone always saying “everyone’s been on Seshin at some point”. This referring to alot of the best Canadian riders today at one point having ridden for Seshin. We hit up Ted to get words from Seshin directly and we also hit up all the Seshin team riders.

Tommy Hains Head Case – Prashant hit up Tommy about his sudden seizures in 2009 which forced him to be off the bike for nearly 2 years. Diagnosed with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy, Tommy underwent surgery in 2010 and is finally back on his bike.

The Drew Bezanson Interview – No introduction needed here, Drew is one of, if not the best rider in the world right now and he was kind enough to answer a bunch of questions for this Embassy interview as part of our one year anniversary week.

Quebec Skateparks, Years Behind – This article was written in an attempt to raise awareness about the lack of good skateparks in Quebec and the surplus of shitty, expensive pre-fab parks in the province.

Honorable Mentions: Here’s a few posts/edits that we were also really stoked on that didn’t make top ten but deserved mention.

Matt Walser’s web Mix, Chris Henry Edit, Eli Taylor Edit, Lee Dennis edit, Ryan Hiebert Edit, Andrew Schubert Interview, Dillon Lloyd filming for the Hunt, Mike Cardin Photography, Sam Lowe and James Steele Edit, Montreal 2010 edit, Brad Hill Camera Check.

Thanks for a great 2011 and we look forward to an amazing 2012!

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