Video Submissions: Gustav Ekelund/Kerr Bilsland

08 Jan Video Submissions: Gustav Ekelund/Kerr Bilsland

It’s been a while since our last submission post but the first 2 submissions of 2012 are damn good. Gustav and Kerr hooked up 2 sick edits filmed over the holidays, Gustav’s in Vancouver and surroundings and Kerr’s was filmed in Victoria.

“Everyone was pretty stoked on the last edit so i headed down to vic to film some more stuff with the boys and luckily for me it was new years. For once the weather was nice for the entire weekend which led to great riding and a crazy new years.” Pretty much the perfect weekend. Riders Mark Karau, Jeff Jeglum, Jesse Hildebrandt and Mike Carroll, filmed and edited by Kerr Bilsland.

A bunch of young shredders in this one, “Just a mix we filmed over the winter break, whenever the raincouver weather let us.” Riders Owen Dawson, Pawel Podgorny, Gustav Ekelund, and Sean Dittenhoffer, filmed and edited by Gustav Ekelund.